Your Wikipedia Page is Your New SuperPower

We are the top firm in the industry because our Wikipedia Expert Editors have on average over 7 + years’ experience, have made over 9,320 Wiki edits and have created over 589 pages each.

Additionally, we stay with your page for 2 years after completion adding content, refreshing your page, and adding new online press.

Having a well-crafted corporate Wikipedia page can be highly beneficial in generating new clients. Here are several ways it can contribute to this goal:

1. Credibility and Trust

  • Authority: Wikipedia is widely regarded as a credible and authoritative source of information. A corporate Wikipedia page can enhance your company’s reputation, signaling to potential clients that your business is legitimate and noteworthy.
  • Transparency: A detailed Wikipedia page provides transparent information about your company’s history, values, and achievements, which can build trust with prospective clients.
  1. SEO Benefits
  • Search Engine Visibility: Wikipedia pages often rank highly in search engine results. If your company has a Wikipedia page, it is likely to appear on the first page of search results, increasing visibility and attracting more clicks from potential clients.
  • Backlinks: Wikipedia pages contain backlinks to the company’s official website, which can improve your site’s SEO and drive organic traffic.
  1. Comprehensive Information
  • Company Overview: A Wikipedia page offers a comprehensive overview of your company, including its history, products, services, key personnel, and achievements. This can provide potential clients with a well-rounded understanding of your business.
  • Client Testimonials and Case Studies: Including notable projects, client testimonials, and case studies on your Wikipedia page can demonstrate your company’s capability and success stories, influencing potential clients’ decision-making.
  1. Brand Recognition
  • Increased Awareness: Being featured on Wikipedia can increase brand recognition. Potential clients who come across your page may remember your brand when they need related products or services.
  • Differentiation: A Wikipedia page can help differentiate your company from competitors by highlighting unique aspects and significant milestones, making your business more memorable and appealing.
  1. Marketing and PR Tool
  • Media and Analysts: Journalists and industry analysts frequently use Wikipedia for research. A well-maintained Wikipedia page can lead to increased media coverage and positive mentions in industry reports, indirectly attracting new clients.
  • Shareable Content: A Wikipedia page can serve as a reliable source of information that you can share with potential clients during pitches and presentations, showcasing your company’s credibility and accomplishments.
  1. Client Confidence
  • Decision Support: Potential clients often conduct extensive research before making purchasing decisions. A Wikipedia page can serve as a supportive reference, providing the information they need to feel confident in choosing your company.
  • Due Diligence: For larger contracts or partnerships, clients may perform due diligence. A detailed Wikipedia page can facilitate this process by providing readily available and verified information about your company.
  1. Global Reach
  • International Clients: Wikipedia is a global platform. Having a Wikipedia page can attract international clients who might be looking for services or products in your industry but are unfamiliar with companies in different regions.

In summary, a corporate Wikipedia page can significantly enhance your corporation’s online presence, credibility, and visibility, making it a valuable tool in attracting and converting new clients.

Wikipedia Page Creation Services

Why have a Corporate, Personal or Product Wikipedia Page?
A well-designed Wikipedia page may add global traffic, instantly enhance credibility and can be a source of pride for the entire company and its employees, or family and family members. It can leave a legacy. These days, and depending on the industry, some clients or investors even demand it.

Google loves Wikipedia and as such ranks it high in search results. Wikipedia is also the first place people go when they Google your company, your product or your name. By leveraging Wikipedia, you can help control your brand and present yourself to the world.

A well-built Wikipedia page is the cornerstone of building your personal and/or corporate brand. We can add photos, successes, accolades, schedules, charts, graphs, etc. Your Wikipedia page will be considered “fact”, whereas personal websites are seen as mostly “promotional”.

Why choose us to write your Wikipedia article?
We do more than simply write your Wikipedia page. We advise you on the entire process and ensure that we write your page to adhere to Wikipedia guidelines. We also make sure to use the proper format and referencing so your page will be compliant with Wikipedia standards. We write your new corporate or personal Wikipedia Page so it not only has a high approval rate but also a high rate of remaining in the world’s largest encyclopedia seen by Billions of people.

The most qualified Wiki experts in the Nation
1.  Our Wiki Experts have an average of 7+ years’ Wikipedia editing experience.
2.  Over 8,491 edits made and 155 pages created per average Wiki Expert.
3.  We understand Wikipedia guidelines and how articles must be written to conform and get approved.
4.  We only take on notable clients. If we give you an ExpressQuote for your project, you should know that you are notable enough to have a good chance of being approved. If we think that you are not notable enough in Wikipedia’s eyes we will tell you so.
5.  We use only independent and reliable sources to show the notability of your articles
6.  We are very familiar with all the copyright issues with Wikipedia. We are able to submit your content and images to Wikipedia in compliance with guidelines.
7.  Our Wiki experts have created Wikipedia pages for many notable people and businesses including Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, politicians, musicians, physicians, lawyers, actors and filmmakers, and authors just to name a few.
8.  For your protection we never disclose our clients in order to protect their anonymity.

What we can do for your Wikipedia page
1.  Create information boxes which showcase your logo, photo, and/or general information about your brand.
2.  Create subheadings applicable to the topic (e.g. History, External Links, Early Years, etc.
3.  Add your website link within the page.
4.  Continuously monitor your Wikipedia page to help protect the content from unwanted edits and the potential of attacks from competitors  (Page monitoring is a separate charge outside of page creation).
5.  Include images of products, people, and anything else related to the article (you must supply original images).
6.  Link your Wikipedia article to other Wikipedia articles to help build up the popularity of the page and to introduce your page to new audiences
7.  If your article is already created, ensure that everything within the article is neutral, including any negative information that someone may have posted about you.

What we will NOT do for your Wikipedia page
1.  Create a SPAM article that is not notable and publish it on Wikipedia in the “hope” that it does not get deleted.
2.  Attack a Wikipedia page of your competitor. That is between you and them. If their page is not notable, then recommend it for deletion, but we will not get in the middle of your disputes.
3.  Include promotional wording in your article. This is not only against Wikipedia guidelines, but will also likely cause your article to be tagged as promotional and worse yet, recommended  for deletion.
4.  Put information in the article that we cannot tie to a reliable source. If you want us to add something to your article, make sure there is a source to support it.

We use only Original Photographs for your Wiki Page
We post only original photographs that cannot be found elsewhere online due to copyright laws and the digital signature that is embedded on all photos existing on the internet. The photograph(s) will be uploaded to Wikipedia with your agreement that your copyright of those photograph(s) are to be given up to Wikipedia. Images taken directly from another website is prohibited on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Notability
One of the questions we get on a daily basis deals with what qualifies someone to have a company or personal Wikipedia page. Well, it all comes down to notability. Notability is the criteria used by Wikipedia to determine if a topic should be included in the world’s largest encyclopedia. After all, without this requirement, everyone would have a Wikipedia article. As a disclaimer, ReputationBoss does not work for, nor are we affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation, the  non-profit group that runs Wikipedia and its sister sites.

So what makes something or someone notable?
Notability generally comes from references. As a rule of thumb, notability is established when the topic has “significant coverage” with “reliable sources” that are “independent” of the topic”. This is sometimes referred to as Wikipedia’s “Golden Rule.”

The statement above really sums it up well. Once you understand what each term means in regards to Wikipedia, you will easily be able to tell if your topic is notable enough. Wikipedia’s guidelines on notability are long and difficult to understand. Here we try to break things down into easily understood terms that anyone can understand.

Significant Coverage
Significant coverage means that the topic is covered by numerous sources and those sources cover the topic “in-depth.”

Reliable Sources
Reliable Sources are something that are debated on a daily basis by Wikipedians. Basically, a source is considered reliable if it is from a published source that is trusted. This means that the publication must have editorial control over its content (e.g., fact checkers) and it must be known as being reliable.

As a general rule, simply familiarize yourself with sources used in other articles. Examples of reliable sources include the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, USA Today and Bloomberg.

Topics can also dictate what is considered reliable. For instance, medical articles generally do not allow for references from anything other than peer reviewed medical journals. This means that although The New York Times may talk about a new breakthrough medical treatment, the Wikipedia article about the treatment will generally only use published studies on the treatment, not the New York Times Article.

If we as editors have a question about a source and whether it is reliable, there is a noticeboard where we can go and pose the questions. We simply create a new topic, and ask if a specific link is reliable. We then receive numerous responses from editors who patrol that page on a regular basis. This helps us in making the process  a smooth one and without many complications down the road. There is also a general checklist that Wikipedia has put together that help us determine if a source is reliable.

So, we are very familiar with the sources generally used in Wikipedia, we use the checklist, and if needed, we consult the noticeboard with any questions about a specific source that we’ve located on your behalf.

Independent of the Topic
Being “independent” is difficult to understand, especially for those new to Wikipedia. However, it is at the core of Wikipedia and must be followed in order to maintain its integrity. Simply put, a self-published source is not to be used for notability. There are many times when a self-published source can be used (such as using a company website to source where the headquarters are located), but never for purpose of notability. Self published sources can include the following: Official websites, Social media, Official blog, Press releases and Interviews

If you want to establish notability with a press release, you are barking up the wrong tree. The article you create will be quickly deleted as the press release is not considered independent of the topic.

As with many other Wikipedia guidelines, “independence” can vary depending on the topic. Wikipedia provides the following examples:

Here is why it is difficult for newcomers to understand. They see self-published sources used all the time in Wikipedia which gives a false perception that they are acceptable. In fact, self-published sources ARE acceptable in Wikipedia, but not for establishing notability.

So, you will find social media profiles, press releases, and company websites cited everywhere on Wikipedia, but if they are being used for notability purposes, chances are the topic isn’t notable enough for Wikipedia and is likely to be deleted.

Now what about interviews in major newspapers?

Many people think that these are acceptable since they are in a major publication. Unfortunately, they would be wrong. While the source itself may be considered significant and in-depth, the fact that the wording is the statement of the subject being interviewed, it would be considered a self-published source.

Additional Notability Guidelines
Now that you understand the “general notability guidelines,” you’ll see that we can get your page onto Wikipedia as long as there are some independent sources that we can cite for your page, and the more the better. We may have an editor come up after your page is online and recommend it for deletion because it doesn’t meet his or her interpretation of notability, or he doesn’t understand the topic, or sometimes even if he doesn’t like it. When this happens, and it does happen, we add more sources if available and/or rewrite and rework the page. One of our Wiki Experts had a page deleted 8 times before it was finally accepted. So we remain persistent in getting your page accepted and published.

Wikipedia Guarantees
One thing you will find with ReputationBoss is that we tell you direct if something is too promotional, cannot be supported by a source, isn’t encyclopedic in tone, or somehow otherwise doesn’t pass the grade. It is better to know up front and get the content written correctly according to guidelines than it is to go back months later and try to re-post a deleted page.

Even after ensuring that the page meets all guidelines and policies, there is still a possibility that the page is changed from what was initially created. In fact, there is still a chance that it gets deleted based on consensus from the community on how the guidelines and policies apply.

Wikipedia is difficult to navigate and many have run into problems trying. Our firm was started as a professional  Reputation Management and Wikipedia page creator and we understand all facets of your online reputation and how to make you or your company look it’s best. We are continuous students of  the Wikipedia page creation process as Wikipedia continues to change and evolve.

In addition to page creation, we offer page updating, monitoring and maintenance. We can also translate your Wikipedia page into many languages.

Working with ReputationBoss will allow you to worry about what you do best and let us deal with the ever changing and often frustrating bureaucracy of Wikipedia.


ReputationBoss has the most qualified Wikipedia Page Creation experts in the Nation build Wikipedia pages for both big and small global corporations as well as high profile individuals including Founders/CEOs and other Entrepreneurs, Authors, Producers, Politicians, Physicians, Attorneys, Pro Athletes and Celebrities Worldwide.

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For your no obligation 24 Hour ExpressQuote to see cost, timing and strategy to get your own Wikipedia page, or to improve your online reputation, or remove inaccurate or negative reviews, please Request your own ExpressQuote.