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ReputationBoss was founded on the principle of providing full service Online Reputation Management to both big and small business and high profile individuals including CEOs, Politicians, Global Leaders, Physicians, Attorneys, Pro Athletes and Celebrities worldwide. Our typical client is one whose Online Digital Reputation is important to them and is either damaged by negative Google search results and bad press or negative and inaccurate customer, client and patient reviews. They want their Google results page to show them in the best possible light and want it maintained so that it remains that way.

We offer reputation management experience you can count on and provide a full array of Reputation Management options and bring a broad base of knowledge and institutional experience to give committed, personalized service to every business or individual we work with. We specialize in the largest and most damaging reputation situations in addition to traditional smaller and quicker cases. ReputationBoss offers customized strategies for all types of clients. While we specialize in larger, competitive transactions from $150,000 and up annually, we also have the ability to complete smaller and quicker individual solutions. ReputationBoss is dedicated to providing each client a personalized solution for their contemporary Reputation Management needs.

ReputationBoss strives to become one of the world’s leading providers of Reputation Management to big business and high profile individuals. Since 2005, the firm’s principal was an institutional investment fund manager who knows how important Reputation Management is. In addition to his experience with Reputation Management, he has 10 years or more knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Website Design and Public Relations. In 1998 when there were few websites on the internet, he taught himself HTML and designed and published live online a fully functioning website.

As a company that partners with some of the best in the industry, the ReputationBoss process begins with our online “Express Quote”, and continues as your ReputationBoss representative assesses, repairs, improves, influences, and monitors your and your company’s online reputation and credibility. With offices in the heart of Sarasota, Florida and soon to open in New York, NY and Newport Beach, CA, the firm will provide its services to businesses and high profile individuals in more than 60 countries through a wide range of products available in most major markets worldwide. This is what you would expect from the best reputation management firm.

Products and services offered by ReputationBoss are subject to various regulatory authorities throughout the globe. All products and services are offered only in compliance with the relevant local law, and therefore may not be available to all clients in all jurisdictions.

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Page One of Google is the new business card. You are being judged by your search results, whether or not those results are fair or true. If your Page One looks its strongest, well then you have SuperPower Status and we congratulate you. If not, we can help get you there.

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